Joel Lewis
Design Director & Cinematographer

To me, a video is more than just 30 frames in a second. It's the story of a memory in it's most captivating state.

Joel has a college education with specialization in media production and advertising. After graduation he worked with a professional video production company, followed by working his way into the music industry, all while doing freelance creative work.

He has worked on short documentaries, commercials, corporate videos, TV shows, and short films. He has credits on over 40 mid-to-large budget video productions, including an episode of "Through the Wormhole" by Morgan Freeman. He also assistant directed an indie film that was nominated on Hollywood Blvd and featured on VICE Media. Recently he began working on projects for the music industry, while writing film scripts on the side. He continues to specialize in freelance writing, directing, digital media and photography. He is also proficient at randomly breaking into dance.

Daniel Tillotson
Assistant Editor & Production Coordinator

A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

Daniel is a sports photographer turned creative content producer. Self-taught is what he considers a very positive feature about himself and he believes that the only substitute for talent is hard work. With his eye for next level content, he is always ready to take new challenges head on in order to capture the perfect shot. Daniel has a unique editing and shooting style specifically designed to make the perfect mix of technical and creative. Daniel brings a hard working mentality and knows how to literally build something from scratch thanks to his background in architecture. He is also a human chill pill that reminds the team to take a breath and drink a beer once in a while.

Dave Johnson ( DABU)
Founder & Creative Director

My goal every video is to evoke an emotional response from the audience.

Growing up in the Foothills of Alberta I have spent most of my time outdoors living life to the fullest. No adventure is too big or crazy. A good adventure creates the best kind of stories and storytelling motivates me to get out of bed every day.

Whether it be a fishing tale about the 30inch monster rainbow trout that got away, or the epic powder day that made you wish you packed your snorkel. Or the time my brother dropped a rock on on my leg three pitches up a climb and I needed to get helicopter airlifted through the Rockies.

Not every adventure is exhilarating and life changing, but those adventures are the ones where you learn to notice the little things. How a person breathes in altitude, how a dragonfly skips across the water with grace, even how in the silence of the woods you can still hear so much life. These are the experiences that set my art apart from the others, the real experiences that spark my creativity and allow me to capture those real moments in time.

The moment’s where people say “you needed to be there to understand”, those are the moments I want to recreate.

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Calgary Alberta Canada

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